Lockport Prays for the Cubs






During the October playoff games for the National League pennant and then, God willing, the World Series, First Lockport United Methodist Church at 1000 S. Washington will be unapologetically praying for the Cubs to win. Members, friends, and fans from the community will gather in the church’s main fellowship area to watch the playoff games on live-stream TV while enjoying light refreshments and praying in-between innings (and possibly during innings) for the Almighty to bring victory at last to the Northsiders. Additionally, funds will be collected for Cubs Charities.


This spiritual outreach was the brainchild of the church leadership and their new pastor, Rev. Phil Sheets. Sheets explains, “We were trying to think of a way to reach the community in a new way – to shake up and open up the definition of what church means. We drew our inspiration from two Scriptures: Mark 10:51 where Jesus says to Bartimaeus, ‘What would you have me do for you?’ and 1 Corinthians 9:22 where Paul proclaims that Christians should be ‘all things to all people.’ We realized that for ourselves and for many of our neighbors, a Cubs victory is something that has been long awaited. And while we give credit to Rizzo, Arietta and the rest of the team for their talents, we think that nothing less than divine intervention is needed for this effort.”


When asked if he was serious, the pastor said, “We do get smiles when we tell people about this – and we think smiling is usually a good in itself. But yes, we are serious – over and over in the Bible, God comes through when people are desperate – and after all these decades of waiting, we Cub fans do feel desperate. And we think that a Cubs’ victory would show people everywhere – and certainly in the Chicago area! – that persistence and prayer are a powerful combination.” What about White Sox fans? “We apologize to our White Sox friends, but they were in the winner’s circle just a decade ago – while the Cubs have been waiting for more than a century.”


For more information contact the church at 815.838.1017 or check out the website at www.1umclockport.org.












Our 2018 Confirmation Class will have its first meeting at 2 pm in the third-floor youth area on Sunday, Jan. 21. The class will meet for the next few months, and will be confirmed on Pentecost Sunday, May 20, 2018. Pastor Phil will lead the class and use the current official UMC confirmation resource, confirm. We anticipate having about three or four students, but any junior high-ish student who is interested can get on board before the train leaves! 


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